Four Roses Bourbon: Winner of the Malt Impostor’s 2010 Maltease Flacon Award

This makes us feel like we should change our name to The Corn Impostor–or maybe this just takes the meaning of our moniker to a whole new level. 

Now, technically, the samples of Four Roses Bourbon we received did not come in response to our December call for distillers to send us the good stuff.  However, since it came wholly unsolicited–which is even better–we think this award is richly deserved.  We applaud Four Roses’s media folks for their gumption–and Four Roses for their generosity.

In the coming days, we will offer tasting notes for each of the Four Roses expressions offered in the UK.  Tune in and see what we can do with Bourbon for a change!

Oh, and congratulations, Four Roses Bourbon!  Enjoy the Flacon and display it on your shelf with pride!


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