The Whisky Explorers Club

As you may have gathered, we’re partial to smaller bottles of whisky–at least for purposes of reviewing them for this site, and at least until we build up enough tolerance to handle drinking a full-sized bottle in one sitting.  So when the For Scotch Lovers folks sent us information on the Whisky Explorers Club, we thought we’d give it a shot.  Go here to read more about it for yourself:

And we’re pleased to be able to offer our readers a 10% discount on memberships to the Whisky Explorers Club.  Just make sure you write “The Malt Impostor sent me” in the Special Instructions box–or in the Fax box–to receive your discount.  Please note that you will receive the discount in the form of a 10% refund after paying the full price–and if they don’t refund you 10%, let us know, and we’ll yell at them for you.

What?  What’s that you say?  You can’t believe we’re such sellouts?  Where is our integrity, you ask?

Did you not see our post on The Maltease Flacon?
And integrity?  Really?  Ours is a humor site–we have yet to do a set of tasting notes that even approximates a serious whisky review.  The only integrity with which we concern ourselves is comedic in nature.

So check out The Whisky Explorers Club, and consider a membership for each member of your family, for your neighbor, for your boss–heck, buy one for your dog and see who has the more sophisticated palate.  And tell them the Malt Impostor sent you.

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