The Auchentoshan 12 (50 ml airline bottle)

Tasting notes:
Rudyard Kipling’s description of “the great grey-green, greasy Limpopo River” is thought to be inspired by the avocado.  If he had tried the Auchentoshan 12, to what might he have appealed to describe it?  A paste of chestnut meat spread on banana leaves with a few drops of lime juice, then wrapped tightly with jute twine, and finally set on the sputtering engine block of a shop-class Plymouth Reliant.  The resulting flavors—nutty, vegetal, oily—mix together with understated grace.  There is much to enjoy here, especially if you have the lowered expectations of a group of shop class students taking furtive swigs behind a stack of tires.

–On the scale of rhetorical devices that sound like psycho-sexual maladies–
Auchentoshan 12 is Dirimens Copulatio:  it is comfortable and inoffensive, with the safety enjoyed by those who sit on fences. 


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