Maltease-FlaconIn an admittedly shameless ploy, the Malt Impostor announces a new annual award:  The Maltease Flacon (that’s right, flacon, not falcon–look it up).  We will award the Maltease Flacon to the first distillery (hell, we’ll even take a distributor) to provide us with free samples or some other form of quality swag.  Needless to say, we would prefer miniature bottles of the good stuff, but definitely would not turn down full-sized bottles.  We figure that it’s the holiday season, so some of you are likely to have budgets for this sort of thing already. Anyone interested please contact us at maltimpostor (at)  Sorry if this plea is off-putting or portrays us in an unfavorable light, but Bill’s idea of the Flacon was too good not to employ, and this seemed the best use of that idea.  Beyond that, the simple fact is that we at the Impostor have needs–and it’s not like we’re getting rich off of ad revenue here.

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