The Speyside 10

50 ml airline bottle

Speyside-10Tasting notes: 
Some criticize this distillery for naming itself and one of its expressions after an entire region in Scotland.  But when you consider its onomastically-challenged sister expressions, “Cu Dhub” or “Drumguish,” you no longer begrudge them the lack of creativity.  And what is “drumguish” if not the grip of dread one would feel in Miami’s first Gaelic-speaking dance club, Cu Dhub?  In fact, the Speyside 10 would not be out of place there:  a nervous sweatiness, rayon and cigarette smoke, lemongrass consommé eaten under a hyacinth trellis.  But mostly there is a vast undifferentiatedness.  Does the Tromie River issue forth from the Lethe’s waters?  This is the dram for lives of quiet desperation, men who are liked but not well liked, measuring out their lives with coffee spoons, young clerks in the dusk, wasting the most poignant moments of night and life.  To them I raise my glass of, of…  What is this again?


–On the scale of unusual conditions following upon a traumatic brain injury–the Speyside 10 is anterograde amnesia, on account of…  Hey, this whisky shares its name with a region in Scotland!



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