The Ardbeg 21 Year Old

February 20, 2017

Tasting notes: Sure there’s smoke.  Yup, it’s right there on the nose.  But it’s the kind of smoke that you need to focus on.  In time I determine that it’s smoke [...]

The The Macallan 12 Double Cask

February 18, 2017

Tasting notes: The Macallan 12 Double Cask noses like a new sponge (no scrubber side) used to sop up a spilt Oloroso and mop up burnt brownie crust crumbs from a late Friday [...]

The Tovuz 15 Year Old Azerbaijani Whisky

February 5, 2017

Tasting notes: Recently, a Malt Impostor Auxiliary—code-named: Gridley Scot—went to Azerbaijan. If I told you why Gridley went there, I’d have to bill you. (I’ll bet [...]

The Glenmorangie Tayne

February 1, 2017

Tasting notes: I’m starting to think that Glenmorangie can do no wrong.  I have always really, really enjoyed their expressions.  But it was the Tayne that prompted me to [...]

The Highland Park Fire

January 29, 2017

Tasting notes: The Highland Park Fire opens with sherry funk pouring out of a smokestack as steadily and inexorably as the tide. It’s flowering, too, like a zinnia cloud [...]
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