The Amrut Fusion B No. 7 Aug 2010

50 ml 75% unpeated Indian barley 25% Scottish peated barley mini

Amrut-Fusion-B-No-7-2010Tasting notes
Candle smoke from a wax, non-beeswax red candle on a black oak table. Having my nose picked by a specially-trained lemur who washes his hands in a sweet rosewater and lye lassi. (I insist on the sterilization, because my mother always told me that the devil finds work for lemur hands. Except, of course, when they built the lemur tower of Pisa.) The lye run-off from the purification of grits, and the staining on the table leading to a reapplication of furniture polish. An acerbic humorless nose, woody and resinous; kinda retsina-like.

Woof! the peat-dog barks. Meow! the smoke cat rejoins, before scampering under an ottoman. A peat energy bar released by a company about to go out of business–sorry, no more rounds of venture capital funding for you! Chocolate-covered carob chips marketed to hypochondriacs who think they should, but don’t really want to, lose weight.

A menthol finish, like the nicotine-stained hands of a stoneworker who usually carves limestone and occasionally granite turning instead to crushing koala bear cud with a marble mortar and pestle.



On the scale of amazing things to come out of India–
The Amrut Fusion B No. 7 Aug 2010 is the number zero–Sure, as an innovation, it sounds like nothing, but just imagine trying to multiply or divide using Roman numerals–it’s essentially impossible. And if you try dividing a bottle of the Amrut by zero drinkers…well, you get an infinite amount of whisky. But I’ve never been able to divide a bottle among zero drinkers because someone always wants it. Dammit.




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