Water of Life NYC Charity Whisky Event Early Bird Tickets on sale now!

or use our discount code if you want to wait!

Water-of-Life-2016-logo-infoThe Water of Life charity whisky event is only 205 days away! What? Too early for you? Well, Early Bird discounts are on until December 31st, so you might want to take advantage of that, especially considering that latter discount gives you 33% off (a regular ticket, slightly smaller percentage on a VIP ticket). But if you have to wait until the New Year because of the tax implications or odd superstitions on your part, our discount code will give you $50 off after December 31st. BOOM!

Before we give you that code, a few words about the Water of Life charity whisky event:

In May 2015, the 1st ever Water of Life event was held in New York City, and it raised money for the Life Raft Group, a non-profit devoted to finding a cure for Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumors (GIST). Stephen attended that inaugural event and had a blast. That event featured whisky speed dating, which offers an innovative new approach to your encounter with the whiskies on offer and which turned out better than expected by the time everyone got the hang of it. The venue was tremendous, especially given the cigars involved, and the food exceeded Stephen’s high expectations (and let me tell you, they were high). Last but definitely not least, the whisky and the company were both outstanding–and the two collaborated well to make the night a smashing success.

Water-of-Life-Charity-Event-glassBut the man behind the event, Dr. Matt Lurin, is a high-end whisky guy, so he knows how to treat those whisky connoisseurs who expect all the trappings, and in 2016, he’s going to give those connoisseurs all the trappings plus some. Last year, there was a VIP ticket, but in 2016, he’s added another level: ULTRA VIP. We had recommended Über-VIP, but Matt demurred, citing concerns that the Nietzschean connotations might give people the wrong (nihilistic) rather than the right (Dionysian) impression. The Ultra-VIP ticket has a list of added trappings too long to list here, so here’s a link so you can read for yourself. In short, Dr. Matt is upping his game in 2016.

But if that’s not enough for you, or if your Marxist tendencies make Ultra-VIP status an unacceptably bougie extravagance, then we have one word that some might think is two: MASTERCLASSES. That’s right, whisky in class form on top of whisky in speed date form! This event really has it all–except for whisky in regular, old, boring form. One is titled “This IS Your Grandpa’s Whisky Class,” led by Joe Hyman of Skinner auctions, and it will feature a dusty hunter’s dream, with whiskies bottled from the 1930’s to the 1950’s. The other masterclass, “The Blackadder Experience,” features Raj Sabharwal of Purple Valley Imports taking attendees through rare single cask drams from the independent Blackadder range. Both look to be stellar additions to what was already a cracking whisky event.

Oh, you’re looking for the discount code? Fine. Given that last paragraph, this may come as no surprise, but the discount code is:


to get $50 off non-Early Bird pricing. That is, this code will get you $50 off if you want to buy your ticket after December 31st (don’t worry, we’ll remind you closer to time as well). And use the code here:


Buy your tickets early and often–you’ll be glad you did. Plus, it’s for a very good cause, so there’s at least one extra win in there for you.



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