The SIA Blended Scotch Whisky

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SIA Blended Scotch Whisky

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We started off thinking we’d just do this review straight–though given what we do, our “straight” is decidedly bent when compared to other whisky reviews. But we’re cool with that: John and I have been mistaken for Metrosexuals before, and Bill is now working on becoming a Lumbersexual. Anyhoo, given that SIA is the first whisky brand launched via crowd-funding (in this case, Kickstarter), we thought it appropriate for us to crowd-source this review. As you can see from above, it’s already over-subscribed–and we thank you for your support! (If only…)

Here are the exciting results of our your efforts:

On the nose, there are marigold petals, mascarpone macaroons studded with white chocolate buttons, and the whiff of a handkerchief after an angel sneezes into it [thanks to Gary from Sheboygan for that last one].
There are also notes of banana slices on steelcut oats–or oats steeled with banana sluices. Or even more accurate: bananas sliced in half and used as squirrel waterskis on a chocolate fountain [Mr. Munk from Staffordshire wins our grand prize for that one. Thanks, Chip!].

The mouth is creamy and lovely, like a butter churn left out in the sun, but without the bacterial negativity. Imagine you’re a microgastronomy nerd who froze perfume droplets into the shape of white chocolate chips using liquid nitrogen, but who also ended up eating half of them before he finished making the nasturtium foam he’d hoped to dot with said droplets [hats off to you for that one, Ferran!]. The mouth is lovely: light, but slightly oily, like a Zippo lighter butane slick in the middle of the Pacific [Nice attempt at diversion, BP–but thanks for the support].

The finish is long and strong: it’s the sustain pedal held firmly down by children as an adult strikes a major chord [cheers for that one, Wolfgang!]. It’s the ambient, humidifying heat from a steam radiator, but without the pings and clanks. Like that sort of heat, you can easily take this dram for granted and enjoy it day in and day out. There is a slight bitterness at the tail end of the finish, though, perhaps most like the longing for spring that finds its way to you after a long winter, even if you’ve been cozy and warm near the radiator all along. [That last tortured analogy came from one of us–sorry. Unless you liked it.]



–On the scale of crowd-funded projects–
The SIA Blended Scotch Whisky is the Coolest Cooler— It’s rock solid. It does it all. It’s artfully and cleverly done. It’s great to take out on a camping trip with you. It’s a sign of the times.






–Our thanks to SIA and Spirit Imports for the sample!


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