Announcing the Inaugural Malty Award

MaltyWhat would a blog with tasting notes be without its own (perhaps even name-branded) award?  Obviously, a blog with tasting notes that doesn’t have its own award.  But we didn’t want to be one of those sad blogs, so we’re very happy to engage in this tried and true aspect of whisky-blogdom ourselves.  Though we suspect the category might vary over time, we are very pleased to announce that the winner of
The 2009 Malty for Best Unintentionally Parodic Marketing Materials for a Whisky Product:

The Compass Box Orangerie

     We love Compass Box and their products–in fact, we wish they would make airline miniatures.  But when we came across the write-up for their new infused whisky product called Orangerie, we were surprised to find that Compass Box had rendered our services, at least with respect to this product, unnecessary.  The Art Nouveau decorations on the packaging are very cool, but the write-up prompted us–nay, begged us–to give out this award.
     Our ideal date for giving out the Malty would be April 1st, but since we started this blog well after that date this year, we’ll award the 2009 one now.  
     So Compass Box, we take our Groucho Marx glasses off to you–and kindly request that from now on you leave this kind of thing to us.

Please see for yourself:
and click on the “Orangerie” link at the top. 

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